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An Owner’s Representative Role in Negotiating Contracts

Clients who are managing construction projects often don’t have the experience to negotiate various contracts with architects, contractors, or suppliers. That is where an owner’s representative provides invaluable expertise to manage the process while advocating for the client.

Oversite’s President and Managing Partner, Jim Cross, said "As owner's representatives, we are deeply engaged in negotiating contracts on a daily basis, providing us with a thorough understanding of the marketplace landscape. This experience enables us to offer our clients invaluable insights and guidance, empowering them to make informed and strategic decisions."

At Oversite, our job is to see that an owner’s contracts with design professionals include appropriate design phases and meetings, starting with programming, assessment, and master planning. We then progress to schematic design and design development. Our fees for the design team are negotiated based on the current market rate. This process continues with construction drawings and construction administration.

Oversite leverages its experience and expertise to guide owners through these phases, instilling confidence that someone is advocating for their interests. We aim to establish a fixed sum from the owner for the design team, mitigating hourly activities or unexpected costs. Additionally, we facilitate appropriate access between the owner and design team throughout the project, minimizing potential limitations.

Oversite steps in to alleviate stress and assess areas for improvement when a project deviates from its target. Our focus is on identifying critical changes that can help realign the project and save the owner from significant unnecessary costs. While engaging an owner’s representative early on adds the most value, Oversite is capable and willing to join at any phase of the project. Our priority is to address scheduling and budget discrepancies swiftly and efficiently so that the project stays on track.

The Stone Family Center for Health Sciences project exemplifies Oversite's role in realigning and advancing the project's progress. Founder and President of Security Medical/US HealthRealty, Chris Yontz said, “Oversite’s prior experience working as a general contractor was invaluable to our project. They were extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of our project and planned, coordinated, and managed the scope of activities effectively. Their previous experience in real estate development helped us to make informed decisions through every step of the project. Their attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and commitment to follow-through enabled them to juggle the extensive details involved in our project without missing a beat.”

University of Evansville Stone Family Center for Health Sciences Project Owner's Rep Oversite Consulting

University of Evansville Stone Family Center for Health Sciences


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