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What is an Owner's Representative?

What exactly is an owner’s representative?

The Construction Management Association of America Inc. puts it candidly, “construction is inherently a complex endeavor. An owner embarking on a construction project or program faces a variety of challenges, such as time and cost constraints, program and quality goals, project team creation and integration, and internal organizational requirements. Successful delivery requires a well-crafted management plan, a disciplined approach to carrying it out, and effective leadership of the program/project team.”

Oversite's Recently Completed Projects

An Owner's Representative, alternatively known as a Project Manager or Construction Manager, serves as an extension of the Owner's staff, overseeing the day-to-day operations of a project. The role of the Owner's Representative encompasses advising and representing the Owner throughout the project's lifecycle, starting from conceptual design, progressing through final design, permitting, pre-construction, bidding, construction, commissioning, and concluding with move-in and preliminary occupancy stages. It's crucial to note that the Owner retains all decision-making authority, and all contractual relationships are directly linked back to the Owner.

Functioning as an extension of the Owner or the Owner's staff, the Owner's Representative collaborates with all project team members, monitoring issues and facilitating timely solutions. This role entails the responsibility of maintaining clear and concise communications, along with meticulous record-keeping and thorough documentation throughout all phases of the project.

The distinction between an Owner's Representative and a Contractor lies in their focus. While a Contractor concentrates primarily on the tasks at hand, an Owner's Representative actively assesses the potential issues that may arise, considering the consequences of all tasks across various disciplines involved in the project. The Owner’s Representative also looks ahead to foresee possible obstacles and challenges and prepares a plan in advance on how to approach them.

Owner and President, Jim Cross explained, “Oversite, specializing in owner’s representation and development consulting, brings over 45 years of construction industry leadership. Since 2014, our team has managed Owner's Representative projects totaling $400 million in healthcare, education, corporate, and government sectors. Offering comprehensive services from site acquisition to construction coordination, we ensure minimized project risks and achievable goals. With expertise across all project levels, we guide our clients through successful project delivery, fully engaging to understand your vision and protect your investment."

Based in Middle Tennessee, Oversite serves clients nationwide.

Oversite is based in Middle Tennessee


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